We regret that at this time The Hybridizers Forum has been closed for an undecided amount of time due to time and resource limitations of some of the founders.

Rob Shepherd has started a new private community focused on orchid hybridizing and other technical aspects of orchid growing called Orchid Vault. In the future we may move some of the information from The Hybridizers Forum over to Orchid Vault as an information resource.

THE HYBRIDIZER'S FORUM was an on-line community devoted to discussing orchid hybridizing and collaborating on specific projects.
THE HYBRIDIZER'S FORUM was started by Robert Bedard (Robert Bedard Horticulture) in 2007, with an agreement by Dr. A. Dean Stock PhD. (Canyon Orchids) to participate and publish his ploidy list. The forum was migrated in 2008 to a server belonging to Rob Shepherd (Sapphire Dragon Orchids), and was co-managed by Robert and Rob with Dean contributing to policy decisions as well as being our resident expert on genetics. Unfortunately due to time constraints and other ongoing challenges, the principles had to make the diffult decision to disband the community.

In the future we want to transition this website into an informational resource and to share some of the best information from the three years that the forum was in operation.